The 48th Money, Macro and Finance Research Group Annual Conference

7-9 September 2016
Department of Economics
University of Bath

The Money Macro and Finance Research Group is a study group which exists to promote and disseminate economic research in these fields of study, primarily in the UK. The group was founded in 1969 as the Money Study Group and quickly established itself as a key national forum for monetary economists in the UK.

Thanks to all participants for a very successful and enjoyable conference.
Please see our programme page for papers featured in the conference.

Best Paper and Best Poster awards:

Best Paper Award

G Kemal Ozhan was awarded the prize for best paper for the paper “Financial Intermediation, Resource Allocation and Macroeconomic Interdependence

Best Poster Award

Kristina Bluwstein was awarded the prize for best poster for her work on “Asymmetric Macro – Financial Linkages: How useful is the financial sector for the economy?

Keynote speakers

Albert Marcet (Institut d’Anàlisi Econòmica, CSIC)

Enrique Mendoza (University of Pennsylvania)

Frank Smets (European Central Bank)

MMF Special Lecture

Charles Goodhart (London School of Economics)

Special Policy Sessions

Economic Growth and Policy Thomas Sampson (LSE)
Jonathan Temple (University of Bristol)
Simone Valente (University of East Anglia)
Maik Schneider (University of Bath)
New Approaches to the Term Structure I:
Regression models
Emmanuel Moench (Deutche Bundesbank)
Adam Golinski (University of York)
Fiscal Policy Management and Sustainability Rana Sajedi (Bank of England)
Rigas Oikonomou (Université Catholique de Louvain)
Vito Polito (University of Bath)
New Approaches to the Term Structure II:
Global and Lower Bound Effects
Jean-Sebastien Fontaine (Bank of Canada)
Andrew Meldrum (Bank of England)
Iryna Kaminska (Bank of England)
Unconventional Monetary Policy Michael MacMahon (University of Warwick
Oreste Tristani (European Central Bank)
Bernhard Winkler (European Central Bank)
David Cobham (Heriot-Watt University)

 Call for submissions to The Manchester School (Special Issue)

As in previous years, a selection of papers from this year’s Money Macro and Finance Research Group Conference will be published in a Supplement Issue of The Manchester School, including papers by keynote speakers. Find out more here

Our Sponsors

We would like to thank all of our sponsors for their very generous support:

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